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Trail Jargon for Beginners

Hey hey! It's DD. Since I am a Floridian by birth, all of this hiking jargon was new to me. I am still trying to figure it out. What's that saying - fake it till you make it? While trying to be a bad ass hiker, I always just smiled and laughed like I had … Continue reading Trail Jargon for Beginners


The Traveler Loop

Baxter State Park, like Acadia National Park, is a treasure of the state of Maine. I didn't start spending any quality time in BSP until I was in my 30's (I was obsessed with Acadia in my 20s) and have been making up for lost time any chance I get. I had been hearing about … Continue reading The Traveler Loop

Blaze – Downtown Bangor

Hey! It's DD! Matt (he's my boyfriend 🙂 ) and I had a nice dinner this past weekend on Saturday night at Blaze in downtown Bangor! It was a great night out with friends. (You might be familiar with our dinner guests... Mike + Jen of The Rusted Raven...) Blaze is a great place to … Continue reading Blaze – Downtown Bangor

Snowshoeing – Dorthea Dix Park – 1.2.17

It's #ThrowbackThursday and we're talking about #Fitness

Skiing Big Squaw Mountain (Big Moose Mountain) – 2.19.17

Hey it's DD!! This day was AWESOME. For so many reasons. It was 45 degrees out I skied down Intermediate trails, only falling three times and one was pretty epic. Making memories with great friends - We kept a 2 year old occupied for 6 hours We had a great meal at a fantastic restaurant … Continue reading Skiing Big Squaw Mountain (Big Moose Mountain) – 2.19.17

Seawall Campground- Acadia National Park

Winter's long nights give you plenty of time for planning summer adventures and I like to book my weekends well in advance. I recently booked our third year at Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. This is one of my most anticipated annual trips primarily because its just my son and I- a true test of my single mom … Continue reading Seawall Campground- Acadia National Park

Tips for Packing for Hiking in the Spring

Good morning! I am writing this at the request of my friend Diana.... (Hey girrrrrl!) Packing for your hike can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects, one I feel like I am only beginning to fine tune after years of hiking. I always bring too much stuff and it weighs me down. … Continue reading Tips for Packing for Hiking in the Spring

3 Seasons on Moosehead Lake

Hello - it's Willow. I was born and raised in the great state of Maine, and I believe that if you are lucky enough in this life, you will get to spend copious time on a lake in Maine. If you are really lucky, you will get to spend some of that time on Moosehead … Continue reading 3 Seasons on Moosehead Lake

Gulf Hagas Hike – Adventure Date 9.30.15

Hey everyone! It's DD. I am finally getting around to adding some of my FAVORITE stories here. This one is from 2015, when I really first got started with my GoPro and my idea to tell these stories. I also got super brave that year - it's crazy to look back and realize that was … Continue reading Gulf Hagas Hike – Adventure Date 9.30.15

Champlain Mountain – Beechcroft Trail – 2.26.17

It was a beautiful bluebird day when Jess, DD and Willow set off to Acadia National Park. The initial plan was to hike in the White Mountains and bag another winter 4,000 footer, but the weather down south was iffy. So we opted for a lighter day in Acadia, which we consider our backyard. Bonus, … Continue reading Champlain Mountain – Beechcroft Trail – 2.26.17

Mount Waumbek – Starr King Summit – 3,907 ft -2.11.17

Hey! It's DD. We hiked the LONGEST 2.6  miles (up) of our LIVES on this mountain - but it was worth it. (Isn't it always?) Our friend Jess S. joined us for this hike. She recently geared up and bought some gaiters and microspikes, so this was her first BIG winter hike where any winter … Continue reading Mount Waumbek – Starr King Summit – 3,907 ft -2.11.17

Mount Tecumseh – 4,003′ – Winter Adventures

DD & Willow here!  You all know by now that Willow adores winter.  She is the one who exclaims with glee every time the white stuff is falling and love to spread her love of winter with others whenever possible, or at the very least, annoy those around her who hate winter with her excitement. … Continue reading Mount Tecumseh – 4,003′ – Winter Adventures